Oct 18th. Sport has improved slightly with Salmon and Sea Trout coming from the Pauperhaugh beat. Anglers are remined to take care when returning fish and also all coloured fish must be returned to help maintain furure stocks.
Oct 10th. The best Sea Trout remains at 6lbs.
Sep 30th. Please note the index page with reference to the find of a Wading Staff from the Tyne beat.
Matthew Bradbeer this week was presented with the Grays Rod, Reel and line combination for the Best Sea Trout 2017 by Dave Bilborough of Hardy Greys. They have kindly offered the same prize for the 2018 season. So please ensure that any large Sea Trout are photographed, weighed and witnessed with the details being forwarded to the Head Bailiff. The best fish currently stands at 6lb.
Harry McVeigh had 3 beautiful fresh Sea Trout from the Tyne on a 2" Yellow Belly yesterday, all were safely returned.
Sport has picked up slightly after the extra water. Fish reported caught on the lower beats but nothing yet above Pauperhaugh.
Aug 30th. River conditions on the Till and Coquet still very low and work continues at Acklington Dam
              Stainless Steel flask found on the High Park beat. Please contact the Head Bailiff on the above number.
Aug 23rd. The south side sluice is working on the Guyance fish pass. Machinery is on site today and hoping to drop the water levels enough so work can begin on the north gate.
John Johnston caught a 1lb 12oz Brown Trout from a Rothbury beat on a Caddis Grub during the previous week. Another Brown Trout was reported caught by one of our bailiffs and safely returned, this fish weighed around 4lb. Both photos are on the 2018 pictures page
Due to the slight lift in river levels, sport has marginally increased. There have been a small number of Sea Trout upto 4lb and also 1 Salmon Grilse which was safely returned to the water. Anthony Shanks caught a 12lb salmon from the Black Bridge area on a Small Mepp. On the Tyne, Thomas Glenney had a fresh, clean 5lb Salmon earlier this month taken on a fly and safely returned.
Aug 16th. As most of you will be aware, there has been a severe problem with the North Side sluice gate at the Guyzance fish pass. Northumberland Estates are busy working on the South sluice gate as this needs to be repaired before work can commence on the North gate. If all goes to plan, the South gate should be repaired within the next 10 days. Updates will be provided as soon as possible. The EA are aware of all of the fish deaths including Lampreys and Eels.
Aug 9th. Now that weather conditions have improved, weed growth can now be addressed and strimmer work will resume on the beats as soon as possible.
Jul 12th. All rivers are exceedingly low. Fish are running on the Tyne even though conditions are poor. Thomas Glenney has had a good couple of days catching 2 Salmon from our beats both of which were caught on small flies. The fish weighed 7lb and 8lb respectively, one of which is displayed on the home page. Rain forecast for next week may improved conditions.
Jun 14th. Work continues on the Guyzance fish pass this coming Saturday. Any volunteers who have a little time to spare are encouraged to attend at 9.30.
Jun 7th. River conditions are very low with very few fish entering the rivers.
The Federation would like to express their thanks for the work completed over the last 2 weekends on the fish pass at Guyzance by all concerned. Hopefully this will alleviate the problems of the pass gravelling up.
May 31st. Congratulations to Thomas Glenney for the 21lb Salmon caught on the fly from the Tyne. See image above.
Please note that any coarse anglers wishing to fish in any of the above competitions please contact Steve Hoggins on the above number for more details.
May 20th.
River levels remain low, and not much rain forecast for the coming week. The Coquet and Till are low and clear and no reports of any migratory fish caught. There was better news from the Tyne yesterday Thomas Glenney had a beautiful Salmon of 21lbs on the fly and safely released, congratulations Thomas a fish of a lifetime.
May 3rd.River levels reported as low. There have been reports of fly hatches but still very few Brown Trout. Ivan Armstrong was noted as catching a nice Brown Trout from the Coquet
April 26th. River levels almost back to normal but no reports of any migratory fish caught over the last 7 days. Hopefully, we should be getting some Sea Trout on the Till over the next few weeks.
April 19th.Congratulations to Mick Thompson, a new Federation member, who caught a lovely 6lb fresh Springer on fly at the Black Bridge yesterday.
April 12th. The trophy presentation took place on Tuesday 10th April at Alnwick Castle, host by His Grace, the Duke of Northumberland.
April 4th..  There has been another couple of salmon caught over the last week  from the Tyne and Coquet. Thomas Glenney had a 10 lbs fish from the Tyne and
Richard Rendall had a 9- 10 lbs fish from the tidal on the Coquet.
On a sadder note I heard yesterday that a good friend and well known angler Terry Boyd passed away last week. Terry was a real character and always had a joke and
always smiling, he was a welcome site on a cold wet morning at the posts in the early seasons and always brightened your day. All the Federation members pass on their
thoughts to his family at this sad time. RIP Terry.
Mar 21st. As of this date, still no first fish caught. Due to the temperature rise the Coquet levels are increasing due to snow melt.
March 5th. The Coquet is rising hard and fairly coloured at Morwick and Warkworth due to rain and snow melt. Not much change in heights upstream of Pauperhaugh.
there is still alot of snow lying at Rothbury and up the Coquet valley. Hope for a gradual thaw over the coming week.
Feb24th. After a week of almost perfect water the first fish has not been caught.  Hard frosts and snow forecast for the coming week.
Feb 19th. Coquet was in perfect condition over the weekend but no fresh fish caught. Heavy over night rain and snow melt have pushed the levels well up this evening.
See what tomorrow brings but possibly be to high and coloured,  more rain  forecast for tomorrow.
Feb 1st. There was a good turn out of Anglers at Coquet Lodge this morning. Coquet was in good order one Brown Trout caught but unfortunatley no Salmon.
Thanks go to Johnny at Coquet lodge for allowing us to park in the field to access White posts etc.
Head Bailiff
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Northumbrian Anglers Federation
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New water is available north of Wooler. The River Till beat and Wooler Water beat on the Turvelaws Farm can be seen on the available illustration on the Angling Maps and River Till page which is also linked directly below this message. However, it is important to understand that this new water comes under the purview of the Tweed Commissioners and is therefore strictly controlled. Their rules superceed any angling rules south of the Border. It is therefore emphasised that each angler makes themselves aware of the rules before fishing this new water. ALL anglers MUST ensure that Federation permits are carried at all times while on this water. Links have been provided to the Tweed Commissioners website below. Numbers permitted to fish this water are strictly limited and must be pre-booked through the Federation Head Bailiff, Willy Farndale at the above number. The NEW River Till map is available by clicking the link or from the maps page of the website.
River Tweed Commission Tweed Angling Codes
Link to new water - click here
We have been advised of the following dates for these coarse fishing competitions to be held on the Tyne. Anyone needing further information contact Steve Hoggins on 07881 631870

Steve Roberts Memorial November 4
Thomas Glenney
21lb Salmon from the Tyne on fly
Found items: See index page for details